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by Gist Italia 06 Mar 2020 0 Comments
cosmo bike show

On Saturday and Sunday 15 and 16 February the Cosmo Bike Show was held in the pavilions of the Verona fair, an event dedicated solely to bikes and we at Switch Components could not miss it!

In our stand we offered beer, presented the new products and announced the 2020 initiatives, among which the most important is certainly the Veneto MTB Cup.

Starting from the steering area, we presented the brand new LITE handlebars, two carbon and aluminum handlebars characterized by one of the most competitive weights on the market, respectively 130 g for the carbon version and 200 g for the aluminum one, a weight almost comparable to carbon . In addition to the low weight, these two handlebars are characterized by the golden graphics.
In addition to the handlebars, the new SEVEN stem has been introduced for a perfect match, a stem with a negative inclination of 7°.

Remaining in the handlebar family, we move towards more gravity disciplines with the introduction of the rise 40 in the Whip handlebars, handlebars with a diameter of 35 mm. These too have been renewed in graphics, with a darker and more aggressive colour.

lightweight carbon handlebar
rise 40 enduro handlebar

As usual this year too, the range of telescopic seatposts has expanded with the introduction of new diameters and new excursions, to be mentioned in particular the SWR 200 with 200 mm excursion, the SW 50 seatpost for Gravel bikes and the model SWS 120 shock absorber, a seatpost with 120mm travel and the possibility, thanks to a double cartridge, of cushioning in the first part of the travel, adjustable cushioning at will like any fork or shock absorber.

As for the traditional seatposts a new straight carbon seatpost has been introduced to complement the backward model already present from last year. With the introduction of an aluminum seatpost set back with 20mm offset we now have 4 rigid seatposts:
Stright carbon , straight carbon seatpost
C-back , set back in carbon
Straight alloy , straight carbon
A-back , set back in aluminum

Two new pedals:

The downhill-oriented, CNC-machined RockGarden model features the largest surface area among Switch Components pedals available only in the raw color, a finish that makes the aluminum machining more appreciated.

With completely opposite characteristics, the Jump pedal is added to the switch catalog, made of resin and available in 4 different colors to meet the needs of all riders.

To better customize your vehicle, some simple components have been introduced but which can certainly give an extra touch of style to your vehicle, handlebar caps and aluminum topcaps with the Switch logo for the more traditionalists while the version with skull for those who want to get notice in the crowd.

The Cosmo Bike has remained among the few trade fair events dedicated to the bike world and every year fewer and fewer brands take part in this event, we at Switch Components are satisfied with this edition, many shops and riders have come to visit us appreciating our products and giving us positive feedback on our range of accessories.

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