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Switch Components with CMC at the Trophy Of Nations

by Gist Italia 30 Aug 2019 0 Comments
enduro trophy of nations

The enduro world sees an important turning point this year, if normally the Enduro World Series it ended with the stage in Finale Ligure this year is not like that. In fact, for the first time Finale Ligure will host the Nations Trophy , the most important team enduro race in the world.

For the first time the organizing committee of the EWS has decided to introduce this format, a team competition, where each competitor must put their individual pride behind them to be able to achieve victory together with the team.

Each nation will be represented by the top three athletes in the discipline, based on the global EWS ranking.

They will be present for this first edition in the Italian line-up Erwin Ronzon And Mirco Harvest, the two top riders of the Team CMC , athletes who have asserted themselves throughout the season, demonstrated skill and perseverance, putting Switch Components products to the test.

We can't wait to attend the event, together with Mirco and Erwin we wish all the best to Marcello Pesenti , who in any case leaves behind a season full of victories.

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