Melanie Pugin takes the podium in the fifth stage of the EDR circuit in Canazei

Melanie Pugin takes the podium in the fifth stage of the EDR circuit in Canazei

The French athlete of the WeRide Fulgur Factory Team conquers the podium with Switch Components products!

The EDR circuit gave unforgettable emotions during the fifth stage held last Sunday in Canazei, Italy. The most important MTB enduro world circuit has seen some of the best athletes in the world compete against each other, each of them trying to overcome obstacles and obtain the final victory. In this race, several of them chose to equip their bikes with Switch Components flagship products, demonstrating once again the high quality and reliability of our components.

However, among all the athletes who shone in this stage, there is one name who stood out for her extraordinary performance: Melanie Pugin. This talented French athlete, a member of the WeRide Fulgur Factory Team, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the women's category.

Melanie Pugin demonstrated her talent right from the first descent, tackling the demanding descents and technical uphill sections with incredible skill and determination. His speed and fluid style were admired by all present as he cleared obstacles with pinpoint accuracy.

With this victory, Melanie Pugin has shown that she has what it takes to achieve great results. Her commitment, her passion and her constant training have led her to conquer the podium, and we at Switch Components are proud to be part of this incredible adventure.

We can't wait to see how Melanie will face the next races on the calendar, but we are sure that they will continue to push their limits and amaze everyone with their performances.

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Photo by Andrea Cogotti


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