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by Gist Italia 28 Jan 2020 0 Comments
enduro winter trophy seconda tappa

Sunday 26th January was held in Riccò del Golfo, the second stage of the Enduro Winter Trophy, a circuit that started last 24th November in Ortonovo, with a race characterized by rain and mud.

130 athletes showed up at the start on Sunday 24th in Riccò del Golfo, 35 of whom were very young between the ages of 10 and 16, at their first experience with enduro racing, but with a great desire to have fun and get to know this discipline.

Among the riders there were several international presences with some representatives of the Canyon Factory Team and the two Gherig sisters of the Norco Twins Racing Team, who raised the level of the competition.

The race was full of emotions, the weather of the previous days made everything more difficult and the paths covered in mud required considerable technical skills to be tackled in the best possible way, but in any case all the athletes declared themselves satisfied with the trails and the organization, which has been able to make everything work at its best, in a completely new location for enduro competitions.

The ASD Vertical Break Bike Team immediately found the maximum support of the administration with the mayor, present from the early hours of the morning, and the local school canteen team who served a rich meal to all the participants.

There were many categories awarded but the one who scored the lowest time in the men's field was Tordo Dimitri, a French athlete who is also talked about internationally, in second place Jack Moir Australian athlete of the Intese Cycles Factory Team and to close the podium the winner of the first stage of the circuit the Italian Davide Carissimi of Bikappabike Lapierre Team.

Also worth mentioning is the performance of Garibbo Andrea who wins the e-bike category unchallenged and stops the clock 10 seconds before Dimitri Tordo.

Among women instead a completely foreign podium with Gherig Anita in first place, Thoma Ines in second and Gherig Carolin on the last step of the podium.


As Switch Components we have decided to support the entire circuit, believing in the organization and spirit of this circuit, a championship that focuses on the promotion of the territory but above all on the promotion of this sport among young people.

The next appointment will be Sunday 23 February in Sestri Levante, in one of the most famous Italian enduro locations, with historic trails that have entered the history of this sport, we are waiting for you in large numbers!

Sestri Levante enduro

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