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Sausages or reinforced tires? What's the best solution?

by Gist Italia 09 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Salsicciotti o copertoni rinforzati? Qual è la soluzione migliore?

A few days ago we presented LOOP, our "MTB sausage", a solution for those looking for greater comfort on the bike, protection from beading, pinching and to protect the integrity of the rim.

Our presentation has been published on many sites such as MTB-MAG , mtbcult and mtbtech , achieving success but also raising some criticism, not towards our product itself, but against the category of MTB sausages

The controversy mainly concerns the question:

What is the insert for if I already have reinforced tires that give me the same advantages?

In fact, many say that an insert (or slack) is useless if you choose tires with a reinforced casing and that therefore the insert only entails an increase in expense and weight on the wheels of your bicycle.

Let's see some considerations in this regard

A reinforced tire combined with a good rim alone reduces many problems related to beading and pinch flats, there is no doubt about this, but what does a tire with a reinforced casing entail?


A normal tire compared to one with a reinforced shoulder involves a considerable increase in weight, on average the increase is between 200 and 300g for each individual wheel, while our insert in the STRONG version (the heaviest) weighs 110g.


If we also consider the price difference between a normal tire and a reinforced tyre, we are in the order of plus 20%. The price difference is considerable but still lower than the cost of the LOOP insert, however if you consider that the LOOP has a much longer life than a tyre, when 4 or 5 tires have been replaced, you can see how the difference in price is equal to the cost of the insert.


The reinforced shoulder protects against pinching but has no cushioning and protective effect on the rim, neither in the event of violent impacts, much less in the event of punctures and therefore in the extreme case of run flat driving, an exceptional event but which in competitions can make the difference.

insert for mtb switches


If we also consider that the insert acts to dampen the vibrations transmitted by the roughness of the ground to the bike, giving greater riding comfort, we can see how the reinforced shoulder has characteristics and advantages of a different level compared to the advantages brought by the sausage.

Therefore, the only real advantage that a tire with a reinforced shoulder has compared to one without a reinforced shoulder and with the insert is the greater protection against any CUTS caused by rocks or other sharp elements present on the route

Let's summarize everything

sausage for mtb

This table compares the parameters discussed above, the pros of the inserts are visible by simply analyzing the table, if we then consider that the protection of pinching and beading is greater with the insert, let's see how anyone is faced with the doubt:

reinforced insert or tyre?

It shouldn't have any uncertainty

Find out more about our sausage

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