With the help of FIR technicians we have selected a range of rims for MTB , to satisfy enthusiasts of every discipline, offering a selection of aluminum rims geared towards the various disciplines of MTB.

There are three rims available with different diameters and drilling, ideal for remedying any breakage of your wheels or for creating custom wheels so you can choose the best combination of spokes, hubs and rims.

Each discipline has its own needs and for this reason we have dedicated 3 circles to the main disciplines:

  • XC/marathon : the Smash rim contains everything you could want from an aluminum rim: lightness, sturdiness and stiffness, for precise driving in any terrain condition
  • Enduro/Dh : both of these disciplines require maximum downhill efficiency, the Tsunami rim was born to allow riders to go wild downhill between rock gardens, jumps and single tracks, offering precision, reactivity but above all high impact resistance .
  • e-bikes: from year to year the paths are increasingly full of electric bikes, mountain bikes much heavier than traditional ones with very different needs. This is why Volt was born, a rim designed for all electric MTBs, with an oversized channel to accommodate more generous tires and a highly resistant structure to counteract the excess weight due to the motor and battery.

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