There is just over a week left for the third stage of the Enduro Winter Trophy which will be held on Sunday 23 February in Sestri Levante , a well-known location in Italian enduro.

After the success of the Ortonovo and Riccò del Golfo stages, another spectacular race is expected and it is hoped that this time the sun will smile on the riders, who will come in large numbers.

During the SestriLlevante stage there will be 3 special stages on which riders from all over Italy, but not only, will battle it out to see who will be the fastest.

3 PS, 29km and 1300 m D+ are the numbers of this race for the queen categories of the discipline while for the youngsters, after a van lift and a short 2 km ride there will be two specials, one after the other, without any transfer between the two.

At the moment the leader of the overall and amateur rankings is Davide Carissimi, who got on the podium in both previous rounds; we'll see if some top Italian rider or some international presence will come and put a spoke in his wheels, presences that would be very stimulating for him.

winter trophy enduro course sestri
EWT path
young enduro winter trophy course

For this stage, as for the previous ones, we expect a top organization but above all a massive presence of young U18 athletes who choose the Enduro Winter Trophy to open the 2020 racing season.

You can find more information on the official Facebook page of the event ( Facebook EWT ) or on their telegram channel, and the videos of the 3 specials are also available

Also for this stage the Switch Components staff will be present in the paddock area with an exhibition of their products and ready to answer any questions and curiosities regarding their products.

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