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TOP 10 at Leogang for Tommaso Francardo

by Gist Italia 03 Jun 2024 0 Comments
TOP 10 a Leogang per Tommaso Francardo
At the third stop of the UCI MTB World Series in Leogang, Tommaso Francardo of the Abetone Vittoria Factory Team achieved an extraordinary result, securing ninth place in the overall standings. This placement not only highlights the talent of this young Italian athlete but also underscores his commitment and dedication to the world of enduro MTB.

Leogang, renowned for its technical and challenging courses, saw the world's best athletes competing fiercely. In this context, Tommaso managed to stand out, giving his fans and team a great reason to be proud. Finishing ninth in such a high-level competition clearly signals Francardo's potential to become one of the top talents in the global enduro MTB scene.

With this event, we are now halfway through the world circuit, which consists of six stages in total. The season is still long, with three more races on the schedule, providing Tommaso and the Abetone Vittoria Factory Team with further opportunities to showcase their skills and aim for new milestones.

The entire team is working with determination and passion to tackle the upcoming challenges. Francardo's performance in Leogang is a clear indication that hard work and dedication can lead to great achievements. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the next stages and support Tommaso Francardo and the Abetone Vittoria Factory Team as they strive for success in the UCI MTB World Series.

Stay connected and cheer for our athletes, because the season is far from over!
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