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Dropper post with 170mm of travel for those who want to completely remove the bulk of the saddle during the descent phase

Diameters: 31.6 - 30.9

Total length : 498 - 498 mm

Frame insertion: 260 - 260 mm

Weight : 590 - 590

Command included in the package

Recommended pressure 280-300 psi

SWR dropper post sizes and dimensions

dropper post buying guide

The SWR models are distinguished from the rest of the range by their internal functioning, unlike the other models that use a sealed cartridge, the SWR branded range uses an air cartridge which guarantees a better and more effective functioning of the seatpost, as well as its reliability .

On the top of the seat post there is a valve, through which it is possible to inflate and deflate the seat post, the maximum pressure recommended by us for perfect functioning is between 280 and 300 psi.

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Prodotto davvero ottimo

Ottimo reggisella, non ha niente da invidiare a brand più blasonati. Affidabile al 100%, fatta una stagione intera di gare e mai un problema. Lo consiglio!