Internal cable seatpost service kit

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All our seatposts guarantee easy maintenance thanks to their simple structure and the service kits we offer.

A complete maintenance is performed thanks to the change of the cartridge and the service kit, but depending on the problem it may be sufficient to replace only the cartridge or only the specific service kit for your model.

Switch Components service kits and cartridges are for use on our models only.
For adequate maintenance, we recommend that you always contact a professional mechanic for correct maintenance.

To find spare parts for your seatpost it is important to know:

- seatpost travel

- seatpost diameter

-type of operation: sealed cartridge or air cartridge.

The functional distinction only concerns seatposts with a 150 mm travel, it is possible to understand the type of operation by checking the presence or absence of the inflating valve positioned under the saddle attachment, if this is present, the cartridge is air.

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